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Homasote is ideal for sound control in floors, walls, and ceilings. A uniform material with no knotholes, voids or splinters, Homasote is lightweight, clean, and easy to cut and work with. Unlike concrete, Homasote does not crack or "dust up" when a building shifts or settles. There is no set-up time required, and can be easily installed by any subcontractor on the job.

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Sound control

In floors, ceilings, and walls, Homasote sets the standard for sound control. Learn More

Basement & concrete slab conversions

Insulation plus a warm, comfortable, shock-absorbing surface underfoot. Learn More

Cathedral ceilings

Single-ply, structural, prefinished roof deck made especially for exposed beam ceilings. Learn More

Class-A, fire-rated products

Homasote fiberboard treated with fire retardant chemicals. Learn More

Concrete forming

Double-duty Homex is a strong, flexible and lightweight material for forming concrete in any shape, as well as a versatile expansion joint. Learn More

Decorative / tackable panels

Attractive, lightweight, structural, tackable, fire-rated and sound-deadening. Learn More


Homasote products work with virtually any floor system. Learn More

Floor / surface protection

Reusable, shock-absorbing protection for floors during renovations and when moving furniture; protects surfaces from marring. Learn More

Roofs & ceilings

Homasote is structural, easy to install, has twice the "R" value of wood, and is ready to receive shingles. Learn More

Shock absorption

Protects work surfaces and floors, and the objects that you put on them. Learn More

Thermal insulation

Homasote 440 offers thermal insulation. Learn More


Sound control that's easy to install. Learn More