Tips for Handling Homasote


All materials should be stored flat at the job site, above ground on wooden pallets and covered by waterproof tarpaulins or out of the elements. Original packaging material is not intended for exterior job site protection.


All Homasote products should be removed from their packaging and stored at room conditions for 24 hours prior to installation. Do not install Homasote materials under excessively cold, hot and/or damp conditions. At all times, maintain temperature and humidity conditions closely approximating those that will exist when the building is occupied.


DesignWall products may be wiped clean using a mild soap and water solution. Be sure not to apply too much moisture to the panel surface as delamination of the fabric may occur. Natural Homasote products (those without fabric) may be painted for a clean, fresh appearance.


All Homasote products may be cut with a circular saw, jig saw or hand saw. Do not use a fine-tooth blade; fiber build-up will reduce cutting efficiencies. The half-inch panels may also be cut with a razor or utility knife.


Raw Homasote may be painted with a good latex paint. Primer should be applied before the final color coat.


Homasote panels may be sanded to smooth edges or for transitioning flooring materials at doorways. A course or medium grade of sand paper should be used. Expect a lot of dust and be careful not to sand too much.


When appropriate, ring shank/annular thread nails or course thread dry wall/decking screws should be used. Special finish screws and nails should be used when installing our decorative interior panels. Ask your hardware supplier for recommendations and samples of finishing screws.