N.C.F.R. Homasote®

N.C.F.R. Homasote® is a structural building board and substrate for interior or exterior application, offering constant insulation against air, moisture and noise penetration. It is a UL fire-rated structural building board and UL recognized component in floor protectors and wall shields. Fire Rated N.C.F.R. Homasote is made with 55% recycled, all cellulose fiber material completely impregnated with fire retardant chemical ingredients, treated for protection against termites, rot, fungus, and moisture absorption, and compressed into high-density, structural exterior building board. Made with FSC® certified material.

N.C.F.R. Homasote qualifies for use in educational, institutional, museum, or any publicly-attended facilities. It is ideal as a tackable wall and ceiling paneling, decorative or functional display wall and tack board, or tackable substrate for other fire-rated wall coverings. It can be used as a structural component (such as wall sheathing), or as noise-deadening, resilient carpeting underlayment. It is used anywhere flame rating is a factor:

  • In residential, mobile and commercial buildings
  • In fire rated garage interiors
  • In marina interiors and exteriors
  • As interior or exterior siding for horse barns and other animal shelters
  • As a floor surface protector in commercial renovations



  • FSC® Certified
  • Lightweight, easy to work and handle
  • Tackable
  • Structurally strong
  • Weather resistant
  • Can be cut, shaped and made to follow moderate bends without cracking or splintering
  • Can be attached to conventional framing with nails or by glue-nailing
  • Larger size panels reduce application time and costs

Sizes & Weights (nominal)

Thickness Size Weight
1/2" 4' x 8' 1.5 lb./sq.ft.


Fire ratings

Fire Hazard Classification: Flame Spread, 25; Fuel Contribution, 0;
Smoke Development, 20
Tested in accordance with: ASTME-84, UL-723
Federal Specification SS-S-118A: Class "25"
UL: Report N0. R 5268
B.S.A. New York City Calendar No. 540-72-SM
UL MH 12093 Wall/floor component

Typical Physical Properties

Density: 34-40 lb./ft.3
Tensile parallel to surface (min.): 400-700 psi
Transverse M.O.R. (min.): 600-950 psi
Hardness, Janka Ball (min.): 275 lbs.
Water absorption by volume (max.):
  2 hrs. immersion
Expansion from 50%-90%
relative humidity (max.):
Noise reduction coefficient: 0.20
R-value: 0.85

Code Compliances

BSA. Approval, New York City, Calendar No. 540-72 SM
UL Report No. R-5268
Federal Spec. SS-S-118A; Class "25"
ICBO No.1016
UL Canada File No. CR909