When you build with Homasote.....
Every Day is Earth Day®

Homasote fiber board is recycled and recyclable

Homasote Company is the nation's oldest manufacturer of building products from recycled material, fiberboard products made from post-consumer recycled paper, containing no asbestos or formaldehyde additives.

We hope these pages will raise your awareness of the uses and wide availability of high-quality, time-tested, environmentally friendly Homasote building products.

A few facts about Homasote Company's trendsetting recycling efforts. Unlike converting virgin wood pulp, recycling post-consumer paper:

  • decreases air pollution emissions up to 73%;
  • uses 40% to 70% less water; and
  • uses up to 70% less energy.

Homasote Facts

  • Each ton of recycled newsprint conserves about 300 cubic yards of landfill space.
  • Each year Homasote building products help conserve more than 1,370,000 trees and eliminate more than 100,000,000 pounds of solid waste each year.
  • Each production day up to 100 tons of post-consumer paper are recycled into Homasote®, diverted from waste stream disposal into landfills or other methods.
  • All water used to manufacture Homasote® products — hundreds of thousands of gallons per day — is completely recycled in a "closed loop" system. Homasote Company established this system in the 1950s and was recognized by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (precursor to the EPA) as is one of the first paper mills in North America to establish this water-reusing system.