Multiple Family Dwellings

Sound control is a critical factor to consider when planning and building multi-family dwellings. When asked what influences the purchase of a townhouse or condominium, most potential homeowners cite quiet.

Durable and versatile, Homasote is the gold standard in sound control. It can be installed any time of year, in virtually any weather, without interrupting the work of subcontractors.

For more information in how Homasote helps control noise, click here.

440 Homasote®

Use all-purpose Homasote inside, outside, everywhere! For special uses, we also make 440 CarpetBoard, the resilient underlayment that quiets noise; and 440 Sound Barrier™; to give you the sound of silence in walls and floors. Learn More

4-way® floor decking / Structasote

A structural, noise-deadening sub-floor plus insulating carpet underlayment. Learn More

Comfort Base™

Teh concrete floor system that insulates two ways: keeps feet warm and cushions shock. Learn More

DesignWall interior panels

Elegant, prefinished tackable interior paneling. Learn More

Easy-Ply roof decking

A multiple-ply roof decking made of high-density Homasote structural board. Learn More

FireStall® roof decking

Nailable UL Class "A" fire-rated structural roof decking. Learn More

Homex® 300

Double-duty material used for forming concrete and making expansion joints. Learn More

Ice Deck™

Moisture resistant, insulating, structural decking for ice rink conversion. Learn More

N.C.F.R Homasote®

Fire-rated structural building board and substrate. Learn More

N.C.F.R Wall Shield®

Non-asbestos wall board for use with UL-listed solid fuel room heaters and fireplace stoves. Learn More

Nova Cork panels

Unique structural sheets of virgin cork laminated to Homasote. Learn More