Attention: Architects, Builders, Designers, Specifiers, Hobbyists, Homasote® Distributors, Retailers, and Everyone Else Using Homasote Company Products

Let the world know what you've done with 440 SoundBarrier® and other Homasote Company products. We'll showcase it for you on at no charge.

Homasote Company is on the lookout for the many ways that its products are being used. If you have photos or video of a project in which classic Homasote®, 440 SoundBarrier® and any other Homasote Company product was used we'd like to consider showcasing your work on This includes projects over the near 95-years we have been manufacturing our unique product, including the South Pole in the 1920's, Alaska in the 1950's, manufactured housing...any way our environmental products have been built into structures or used professionally and in hobbies.

Let us know how you've used a Homasote product by please completing the form (below). Please do not send any photos or information to us (snail or e-mail) until you hear back from our Communications Office. We value every time our products are used but not all projects will be selected for display on the Web site.

If you have any questions, please call the Homasote Company communications office at 800-257-9491 x 1215.