Homasote DesignWall® Interior Panels Provide Cost-Effective Solution for Bank Renovation

When Fetterman Remodeling & Construction, LLC owner, Michael Fetterman, was hired to update the Curtice, Ohio branch of The National Bank of Oak Harbor, the leading manufacturer of building products made from recycled materials, Homasote, was first on his list of materials.

"The bank had some minor renovations in the 1970s, but really hadn't changed its look since then," said Fetterman. "They asked for my ideas and I researched Homasote's interior products on the Web."

Fetterman soon found that DesignWall tackable interior panels by Homasote provided a perfect solution to creating more partitioned workspaces within the bank while also minimizing costs. DesignWall panels are prefinished interior paneling composed of Guilford of Maine® FR701 fabric laminated to 1/2" N.C.F.R.® fire-rated structural Homasote fiberboard. The result is a structural building board and substrate for interior application, offering resistance to moisture and noise penetration. N.C.F.R. Homasote is made with 100 percent recycled, all wood fiber material, uniformly impregnated with non-toxic fire retardants. These panels create a comfortable atmosphere for a range of applications and provide durable, superior push pin tackability, ideal for a business setting.

After learning that his local lumber dealer supplied DesignWall, Fetterman and his team got to work creating walls where none previously existed in the bank. New partitions were framed to create a new breakroom, new office spaces and new storage closets for hallways and conference rooms. Opting for the Quartz color, Fetterman and his team applied the 4' x 8' panels to existing walls in the bank's hallways for a consistent look.

"The panels afforded us the opportunity to provide the bank with a decorative, sound absorbing wall finish," said Fetterman. "Because we could install the panels ourselves, there was no need for a drywall or painting contractor to be involved. It was easier for me not to have to coordinate the work of two more subcontractors, but the bank executives were also impressed with the cost-effectiveness and look of the product."

In total, Fetterman's team used 39 sheets of DesignWall to complete the project in late August of 2008. The bank proudly showcased their renovations to the community with an Open House in October.

"Everyone was very pleased with the way the project turned out. It had been a while since the Curtice branch was updated and the DesignWall panels gave us a great new working atmosphere," commented Gary Macko, president of The National Bank of Oak Harbor.

Homasote DesignWall is ideal for applications in a variety of businesses just like The National Bank of Oak Harbor, as well as schools, hospitals and homes. It is available in 4' x 8' and 4' x 10' sizes and three colors: Quartz, Blue Neutral and Grey. DesignWall is certified for low emission indoor air quality by the Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) and is compliant with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).