Nailbase Roof Insulation Originators Receive FM Approval For Its “Green” N.C.F.R.® Thermasote® On Steel Roof Decks; Additional Wind Uplift Confirms It Can Meet Code In Wind-Prone Areas


WEST TRENTON, NJ – The originators of nailbase roof insulation have received Factory Mutual® approval for using its “green” nailbase roof insulation, N.C.F.R.® Thermasote®, on steel roof decks.

The first nailbase roof insulation, Thermasote, was developed seven decades ago by America’s leading green building manufacturer, Homasote Company. Now, N.C.F.R. Thermasote -- a 4’ x 8’ panel of Class A, N.C.F.R. board bonded to rigid Polyisocyanurate insulation -- has received FM’s steel deck approval.

“Steel decks are becoming the roofs of choice for multi-story, multi-family, mixed use, commercial and other construction for a host of good reasons. Now architects and builders can add outstanding insulation to roof assemblies with our FM®-approved, time-tested green product,” Homasote Company CEO Warren Flicker said.

The FM Standard Listing for Class 1 Steel Deck Roofs, Class Number 4450 documentation is now available online to architects and specifiers via FM's RoofNav Web site, and will be published in future hard-copy manuals, Flicker said.

The approval, granted last month, replaces a previous FM listing that restricted N.C.F.R. Thermasote to concrete roof decks, a rarely specified construction method, Flicker noted.

“Architects and builders who need to meet code in wind-prone areas will be happy to know that an additional simulated wind uplift test also was performed in this classification and N.C.F.R. Thermasote achieved a Class 1-105 windstorm classification,” Flicker said.

This wind result, along with a July 2006 UL®-tested wind uplift classification of 1-135 provides independently measured proof that Homasote roof products meet code in wind prone areas, Flicker added

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