Homasote Company's 440 SoundBarrier Is Listed by International Code Council


(LOS ANGELES) - Homasote Company CEO Warren Flicker announced at the American Institute of Architects National Convention and Design Expo that its 440 SoundBarrier has been listed by the International Code Council to meet internationally established building codes for structural Integrity and other uses.

Mr. Flicker commented that, "code compliance In the building materials industry is becoming more important to architects and builders and we are extremely pleased to be the first manufacturer of sound control panels to meet the ICC's standards."

The Company further reported that the relevant ICC number is ESR-1374.

Information about 440 SoundBarrier is available at http://www.homasote.com, along with all the other Homasote Company products for sound control, interior panels, roofing and concrete forming and expansion joints.

This new listing is required by the merger of BOCA, ICBO and SBCCI into ICC-ES. Homasote Company's structural building products have been listed by one or more of the previous evaluation services since World War II.

The ICC-ES report is posted at: http://www.icc-es.org/reports/pdf_files/ESR-1374.pdf