Versatile Homasote products can be used as a structural component of interior wall systems to provide superior sound control. Attractive, decorative panels make perfect bulletin boards or wall treatments.

Used on exterior walls, Homasote products provide insulation, sound abatement and even fire-rating. Homasote products are protected against termites, rot and fungi.

440 Homasote®

Use all-purpose Homasote inside, outside, everywhere! For special uses, we also make 440 CarpetBoard, the resilient underlayment that quiets noise; and 440 Sound Barrier™; to give you the sound of silence in walls and floors. Learn More

Burlap panels

Use wherever you want a good-looking, tackable surface. Learn More

DesignWall interior panels

Elegant, prefinished tackable interior paneling. Learn More

N.C.F.R Homasote®

Fire-rated structural building board and substrate. Learn More

N.C.F.R Wall Shield®

Non-asbestos wall board for use with UL-listed solid fuel room heaters and fireplace stoves. Learn More

Nova Cork panels

Unique structural sheets of virgin cork laminated to Homasote. Learn More